Welcome to the Official Blog of TSS Global Resources.

 TSS Global Resources is controlled by a group of sport Lovers who believe Sport is very important in everyone's life. We are living to encourage, inspire and initiate Sport in everyone's life...
Through Sport activities, competitions, seminar, clubs and Charity.

Sports is a vehicle which create harmony and balance, not just for the individual body but between all sectors on the globe by cutting out discrimination between the rich and poor, old and young, male and female, able-bodied and disabled.

TSS Global Resources is a fast growing sport group that prides itself in the love of sports. We are a family of sport lovers who aim to use our dedication, resourcefulness and knowledge base to influence the active lifestyles, sports and wellness of Nigeria's citizenry.

To become a leading sports brand in Nigerian bring gratifying sports to the doorsteps of Nigerians from grassroots level and to be respected by others as well as to develop into a name to be contended within the Nigeria sports sector.

Taking advantage of the dynamics of change in the Nigerian industry, we hope to provide a room for everyone to participate in 'SPORTS WITHOUT BARRIERS', using our ever growing base of innovative ideas to create values for our customers.